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For general inquiries, email or call (949) 899-8422

Kate Finman


Kate Finman is a freshman at University of California Berkeley and is proud to be one of the founders of Students of Orange County for Change. She votes in the 49th district of California, and her main focuses are youth voter turnout, gun control, campaign finance reform, and mental health care. Kate would love to hear any and all feedback, comments, and ideas you have!

Olivia Fu


Olivia Fu is a freshman at Stanford University and one of the proud founders of SOC4Change. She’s a San Clemente native committed to empowering young people in her community to use their voices–- and votes–- to shape the future they want. She is most passionate about gun violence prevention, educational equity, and immigration reform. 

Jack Hartstein


Jack Hartstein is a freshman at UC Berkeley and is a proud founder of SOC4Change. He votes in the 49th district and is a graduate of Tesoro High School. Jack is most passionate about environmental issues, income inequality, and gun violence prevention. Jack also was a lead in the solar power initiative for Capistrano Unified School District.

Ava Bachelder


Ava Bachelder is a senior at San Juan Hills High School and serves as co-President of Students of Orange County for Change. She is an artist and small business  owner with a passion for social and environmental justice. Ava hopes to combine her creative energy with her dedication to activism to better her community both locally and globally. 

Hannah Hughitt


Hannah Hughitt is a senior at San Juan Hills High School where she is involved in several clubs advocating for ethical animal treatment, women's rights, and gay rights. Inspired by the rise of youth activism, Hannah is excited to be President of SOC4Change because she believes that the youth have the power to set the country on a path to a better future.

Niko Frost

Vice President

Niko Frost is a senior at Dana Hills High School and is excited to serve as VP of SOC4Change. He is very involved in animals' rights issues (especially for his favorite animal, the wildebeest) and the other animals he works with at a rescue zoo. Niko also wants to decrease LGBTQ+ discrimination
and increase voter turnout of youth.

Dana Alvarez


Dana Alvarez Mendoza is a senior at Capistrano Valley High School and is grateful to be a part of SOC4Change. She was born in Mexico and focuses on issues of Hispanic/Latino communities, as well as gun control and reproductive rights. She hopes to be a part of the change her parents and her dog want to see in the world.

Trevor Remeyer


Trevor Remeyer is a senior at Dana Hills High School and the treasurer of SOC4Change. His main focuses are fighting partisan bias, improvement of environmental regulation, and voter education. He also is an avid musician/songwriter who seeks to invoke a spirit of change through relevant and impactful lyricism.

David Velazquez

Fundraising Director

David Velasquez is a sophomore political science major at Cal State Fullerton with hopes of running for office in the future. He lives in the 49th district and is most passionate about environmental protection, affordable healthcare, and decreasing the cost of a college education. David is also interested  in economics, theater, web development, and music.

Sydney Eichenbaum

Communications Director

Sydney Eichenbaum is a senior at Dana Hills High School and is excited to be a part of SOC4Change. At school, she writes for her school newspaper and is very passionate about freedom of the press, women's rights, and education. As a career, Sydney is interested in teaching in the future. 

Audrey Taylor

Environmental Consultant

Audrey Taylor is a junior at Dana Hills High School and is excited to be serving as SOC4Change's environmental consulant because she is fascinated by science and how the world works. She hopes to create a world in which everyone respects the lovely miracle which is our Earth.

Nicole Jamet

Immigration Consultant

Nicki Jamet is a junior at Dana Hills High School and feels lucky to serve as Immigration Consultant for SOC4Change. She is concerned about many issues, but her main focus is on immigration and environmental issues.
She also works with the organization WAVE.

Mo Sen

Gun Violence Consultant

Mo Sen is a junior at San Juan Hills High School and is ready to bring her passion for gun violence prevention to SOC4Change! At school, she is involved in the choir, and as an activist, she is most passionate about women's rights and youth involvement in politics.

Salina Chin

Health Consultant

Salina Chin is a senior at Aliso Niguel High School and a founding member of SOC4Change. She is a proud voter in the CA-48 District, and her focuses beyond health reform include gun control and immigration reform. Salina also serves as the Artistic Director of the Aliso Niguel Theater Company.